Fun at its best in Andorra

Andorra is home to several leisure centres at 8 kilometres distance from the Palomé Hotel. There are several places perfect for spending some time with your family and having heaps of fun and laughter. Do you feel like trying out an Escape Room? Or perhaps a virtual reality game? Andorra is a country that has thousands of options to enjoy, don’t miss out on the favourites that will make your trip the best.

You can spend some hours laughing with your family. How about doing some Escape Room? Or entertain yourself with a virtual reality game? Andorra is a country with a thousand things to enjoy and do so do not miss some of these activities and make your stay the most fun.

Escape Rooms in Andorra

In both La Massana, Andorra la Vella or Escaldes - Engordany, you can find several themed Escape Rooms. The quests offered are physical and mental adventure games that consist of enclosing a group of players in a space and getting them to break out in less than 60 minutes. Brilliant adventure in which together you must solve puzzles, clues and investigate within your team, to find the exit.

You can find Escape Rooms in La Massana, such as Coco Room and in Escaldes - Engordany Claustrophobia.


Virtual Reality Games

It is no longer exaggerated to say that virtual reality is becoming an increasingly bigger part of our lives. So much so that it has been incorporated as a growingly popular entertainment option for people of all ages. Zero Latency is the first VR game room, unique in the world, and they are waiting for you to visit.


Bowling in Andorra

The funniest traditional yet most popular game to play in a group. Test your technique and skill and beat your friends! Bowling Venues in Andorra are suitable for all ages (minimum 7 years old for available footwear), so perfect for everybody in the family or in your group of friends.

In Andorra you’ve got several ways to have lots of fun. Do you know what your next adventure is going to be?


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