Outdoor Experiences in Andorra

We recommend several outdoor activities in Andorra. CM Experience’s team carry out the various activities that we recommend, ideal to make your time in Andorra memorable and unique.

They offer several different experiences that you’ll love:

Half day snowshoe excursion with breakfast included

If what you’re looking for is the best way to enjoy the unique landscapes of Andorra and take a quiet walk in the midst of the snow, snowshoes are your thing. CM Experience will choose the most suitable option for you to enjoy! The snowshoe excursions immerse you within the Pal forest (Vallnord resort - Pal Arinsal) and have a stop off for breakfast at Cremat Borda, a beautiful place with incredible views.

CM Experience offer different routes to enjoy snowshoeing in the parish of La Massana. They give you the option to rent material, choose your type of excursion, where you’d like to eat, any much more... A personalized option for you and your favourites!


Mountain Skiing Trips

Mountain skiing is a winter technique that comprehends the ascent and descent of mountains wearing skis. It is a modality that requires specific equipment to be able to ascend with skis, however the descent is then very similar to alpine skiing. The ascent requires the ability to move on flat surfaces with skis on.

If you already enjoy mountain skiing, CM Experience also offer different options to improve your technique; although if it’s your first time, they’ll give you all the help you need to get started. Made for you.


Special packages: Adventures in the snow

This package is very popular and offers a special experience to those that choose it. The experience consists of an 8-hour snowshoe excursion: from 10 am. to 6 pm. A minimum of two people is required to reserve the experience.

The trip consists of:

  • Snowshoe excursion
  • Lunch in the mountains
  • Snowmobile beginner class
  • Snacks including cookies and hot chocolate
  • Special snowshoe Night tour
  • Complimentary USB with photographs of you throughout the activity


Fun & Relax

This is a new package for you to relax as much as possible after a day of skiing. With your reservation, take the chance to get a post-ski or decontracting massage. Perfect to regain strength and enjoying your days in Andorra. With this package you can book your room with your breakfast and a massage. What is better to end the day?


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