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Our customers and their health and well-being are our top priority. For this reason, we have taken a set of added measures and established special protocols for cleaning, hygiene and physical distancing in order ensure the safety of our guests and of all our team. These measures follow the recommendations of the health and hygiene experts, of the health authorities, and of the World Health Organization.

Preventive measures for cleaning and safety:

  • All the guests staying at our hotel may enjoy our restaurant service. Additionally, we will provide them with any other service that is necessary for their accommodation.
  • The outdoor terrace of our establishment is open, but we must maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres between tables.
  • The toilet facilities in the public areas are open, with periodic cleaning as indicated in the guide.

In our guestrooms:

  • We wash the bedding and towels in our own laundry at a temperature of 70ºC, using specific detergents.
  • When your room is cleaned, we remove the old bedding and towels in bags so that they do not come into contact with their clean replacements.
  • We have removed decorative accessories (cushions, throw blankets, rugs) as a measure of hygiene.
  • We disinfect the surfaces, furniture and all the other items of the room and the bathroom with approved highly disinfectant products to provide maximum health assurance.
  • Disposable single-use items and/or microfibre wipes are used for the daily cleaning of each guestroom.
  • We have enhanced our cleaning protocol, lending special attention to the items with a high-contact level: telephone, handles, faucets, etc.
  • We disinfect each guestroom's TV remote control and put it in a sealed bag.
  • We have increased the ventilation time in the guestroom cleaning process.
  • In your bathroom you will only find soap and shampoo. We have decided to remove the rest of the amenities, but you may request them at the front desk at any time.
  • We have removed all non-essential printed matter and magazines from our rooms. The front desk can provide you, in digital format, with all the information you may require.
  • In they so desire, guests may request the suspension of the cleaning service in their rooms for a maximum of 4 consecutive nights.

At the front desk:

  • All the front desk items which may come into contact with our guests are continuously cleaned, including devices, surfaces and furniture.
  • We disinfect all the keycards of our guestrooms so that they may be handed over to our guests with full assurance of safety.
  • On request, we will disinfect our guests' luggage.
  • The following IPE (Individual Protection Equipment) items are available for our guests:
    • Disinfectant gel*
    • Face masks*
    • Disposable gloves*
    • * (Subject to a possible surcharge)
  • Likewise, we have implemented the use of new safety and physical distancing elements:
    • Face protection screens.
    • Distance markings between guests and between guests and front-desk staff.
    • A special box for collecting keycards to avoid contact between people.
  • Information is provided on our current terms of service and prevention measures and we request their explicit acceptance by guests.
  • The following information measures are being applied:
    • An information board on health and hygiene measures.
    • Digitized information on the hotel's services, amenities and hours, as well as information of interest on our area.

At our restaurant and bar:

  • Breakfast:
    • A continental breakfast is available for guests, with the option of warm dishes served at their table.
    • We have removed decorative items from the restaurant area and we are devoting special care to the cleaning and disinfection of tableware, cutlery and tablecloths.
    • The surfaces and furniture which may come into contact with our customers are cleaned continuously.
    • We have rearranged the furniture in our restaurant, bar and terrace areas in order to ensure the maintenance of the recommended physical distancing.
  • Other areas of the hotel:
    • The preferred use of the stairs is recommended. In the event of using the lift, please note that the maximum occupancy is of 1 person, unless it is possible to maintain a separation of 1.5 metres.
    • We have rearranged the furniture in the hotel's common areas (hall, restaurant, terrace) in order to keep the recommended physical distancing and we have installed signs indicating the maximum capacity of each area.
    • The toilets in the common areas are equipped with a disposable-paper hand towel dispenser. Likewise, signs are posted there with information on the cleaning and disinfection times.
    • Disinfectant gel dispensers are available in all areas of the hotel.
    • GYM: Access to the gym is restricted. Please inquire at the front desk to learn whether the gym facilities are available for individual use on request.

We are committed to our staff:

HYGIENE: Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective means of preventing the spread of germs and the contagion of COVID-19. We instruct our staff, just as we recommend to our guests, to wash their hands frequently with soap and water. Disinfectant gel is available in all the working areas for its regular use.

PREVENTION: All our staff have taken the COVID-19 diagnostic test administered by the Andorran health authorities. Our whole team uses individual protection equipment, including gloves and face masks.

TRAINING: All our staff have received specific training in hygiene and safety with respect to COVID-19.

STAFF AREA -BACK OFFICE: In our personnel working areas, we are also applying enhanced hygiene and safety measures.


  • Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective means of avoiding the spread of germs and the contagion of COVID-19. Please remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Disinfectant gel is available in the common areas for its regular use.
  • It is advisable to wear a face mask in the common areas and on leaving the hotel.
  • On coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or with a disposable paper handkerchief.
  • Please respect the physical distancing measures implemented at the hotel in the form of markings and signposting, protective screens, and the rearrangement of furniture.
  • Information on the prevention rules is provided in different places throughout the hotel.

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